martedì 30 agosto 2011

photo on casa amica

pleased to announce that last saturday casa amica featured the (beautiful and built) dissertation of amedeo scofone and riccardo rossi, graduates from genoa's faculty of architecture, on page 66. the photograph illustrating the article is mine. well done, guys!

the last two days...

for you to visit my personal show Growth at CHAN!
it will be closing on 1st september. hurry up! :)

martedì 16 agosto 2011

CHAN - Genova

installation view of my exhibition at CHAN gallery - genova.
you can visit it till 1st september 2011. please check their website before you go.

my work on photovogue

anna positano on photovogue

when the unexpected happens. michael van horne, director of the image archive at the ny photo agency art + commerce, wrote such nice things on my work and i didn't know...

first post

hello there,
my name is anna positano, i'm an architecture and landscape photographer (and, yeah, an architect as well). this journal will keep you updated on my new work, scraps, exhibitions, projects and so on. please have a look at my website, in the meanwhile.